Hello and welcome to my website. I built this for a couple of things. Most of all I intend to profile myself as a developer, but I also like to share usefull stuff with everybody else. I also will use this website as a playground to test cool stuff for websites. This can be PHP, Javascript, Html, etc…

This website is designed, built and maintained entirely by me, so you will probably notice my qualities are mostly at building stuff. Since design is not my strong point, I used this design for inspiration. However, I quite like how it is done.

About content then. This website features mostly professional content, but also some personal background. I will also blog here. Mostly about programming or something similar, but also a bit about personal stuff. Or just to vent some frustrations in general. There is a playground for me to play with code, to test stuff, and to show off my skills. Not that I am a show-off, I just take pride in making cool stuff. In the most nerdy way possible: showing it off on a personal website.