A Potluck World?

As you know, I like sharing. A great example of sharing is a potluck lunch or dinner. If you don’t know it: a potluck meal is a meal where everybody brings their own dish, and shares it with everybody. Every share is appreciated. Everyone brings something of their own speciality, of their own ability. This creates a large variety of delicious food.

Can we expand this concept to the world? Can we make a potluck world? Is is possible to have a society where everyone brings their own contribution and takes what they need?

In order to accomplish this, we need to transition from the idea of personal ownership to communal ownership. You use something, and you may store it if you use it a lot. But it is not yours, it belongs to the community. Everything you produce contributes to the community, everything you need is provided by the community. This idea is not new: more than 150 years ago, a similar idea was published by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the communist manifesto. They wanted to implement it radically, nation-wide, using violence (because war was an acceptable means to an end back then). This has not worked. But maybe, the ideas can work.

In a world where the internet makes communication and cooperation easier than ever, where borders seem to fade away, there already seems to be a trend that war is ending. All over the world there are communities where everyone is involved and responsible, where everyone does what they can to support and build the community. They are small potluck villages, as it were. It can work, on a small scale. Will it work on a larger scale? I don’t know. But I am curious to see what the future will bring.

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