About my Brain

My brain is the brain of a maker. I love learning and making new things. I think it’s just great to deeply understand the problem, to envision a solution, and finally to see that solution come to life and work perfectly.

This is what I love about computers: it is where intangible ideas suddenly become tangible. In software, you can describe ideas and move them around with great ease, while still making them tangible and useful for people around the world. Here, in this world of logic, creativity, and flexibility, my maker brain feels at home.

This combination of understanding and creating is, among others, what drew me to the Delft University of Technology. Half of studying for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science were spent solving more and more difficult puzzles (also know as the practical part of the courses). The more difficult and the more abstract the puzzles (or exercises), the more fun they were.

What I find the most fun in making is the tinkering and puzzling to get a good and elegant solution. The notion of an elegant solution, or a simple solution that perfectly solves the problem, was one of the first things I learned at university. I also found it is one of the hardest things to master. However, it is something I always aim for and continuously improve on.