I have not been very productive since the previous update. I had a lot of stuff planned, and a lot less stuff happened. Every part of my work suffered, because of a lack of productivity. However, I recently found a tool that is helping me get more productive.

I tend to be quite ambitious and optimistic about projects. At the same time, I can be very harsh on myself when I can’t reach my overly optimistic goals or estimates. This leads to tension, which builds and builds, until something breaks or blocks and productivity grinds to a halt. Being angry at myself for not doing much is very easy, but — as you might guess — counterproductive.

How can I be kind to myself? How can I get back to work, without forcing myself to get back to work? It’s a process, and I am still in the middle of it — if not just past the start. But one thing that is helping me, that I would like to share, is the Joyful Productivity Package. Go check it out, fill in your email address, and you’ll receive an e-book with on being kind to yourself and nourishing yourself back to productivity. It really helps me get back into working, and I think it is a really awesome package!

Full disclosure: I program for Life of a Hippie CEO, and could benefit if they grow. However, this promotion is entirely voluntary and only because I think it is a really cool product and I think more people could benefit from it.