Sex Revolutie

Date: Feb – Jul 2015

Contribution: Implementer

Description: This project focuses on sexual empowerment of young women. They are encouraged to find their own strengths and their own preferences so that they can enjoy sex. Since there are, in my vision, a lot of wrongs in today's society regarding sexuality, empowering people to overcome outside pressure is a wonderful — and maybe necessary — ambition. I am proud to have worked on this project. Although the website is aimed at straight women between 20 and 25, the creator's reference frame, a lot of it is applicable for people of all ages, genders, and sexual preferences. What is not to love about that?

Palace of Luz

Date: Feb 2015

Contribution: Implementer

Description: This was the first project where I worked with Wordpress. It is the portfolio website of Luz, who also designed this website. I did this project for free because this was a great opportunity for us to help each other: I would get a website design, she would have a website, and I had my first on-the-job experience with Wordpress.