When to launch?

As I am writing this blog post, this website is almost ready to launch. Or maybe I am almost ready to launch this website, depending on your perspective. The theme is finished and there is some content on each page. But am I satisfied enough with it to show it to the public?

Part of me wants to craft the perfect website before launch. Have some more articles. Refine the text until every word is just right. But when is that? Funnily enough, the answer came from a YouTube video by WheezyWaiter, called You Should Set Limits.

In this video, Craig (the host / guy talking to the camera) says “Perfect is the enemy of good”. According to Wikipedia, this is an old Italian proverb first written down (or made famous) by Voltaire. The article also references other philosophers with similar sayings. This problem plagues creators in all history.

Unlike most of history though, my work is not set in stone. I have the luxury of writing on the internet, which is about as malleable a medium you can get. If I am not satisfied with something, I can change it without much effort. I do not have to rebuild a cathedral, I do not have to recall a book, I just have to make the adjustments and click “publish”. That’s it. So for now, I think it is good enough. I am confident that it will get better over time, but tomorrow, this website will go live.

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